Manufacturer’s Warranty

1.VIVIDSTORM products have a 2-year warranty. During the warranty period, in case of any problems caused by the product itself or the
product defects caused by the design, you can come to our website and contact us directly.

During the warranty period, if the product fails to work normally due to user negligence (not product material or design defects, etc.), not
eligible for a warranty, for serious damage to the product should charge that fee according to the product damage.

After the warranty period expires, all repairs or replacements are charges the fee, and users will get a quote for the repair fee. Only after the
user agrees and accepts the maintenance cost can the maintenance service be started.

2. Within one week after the user receives the product, if there are obvious serious defects in the product, the user shall provide video or
photo proof, and provide the corresponding certificate and warranty card to our after-sales service personnel. After confirmation, the user
can return the product and reship a new product. The user needs to ensure that the retumed product is in good condition kept in their
original status., free from any physical damage and that the packaging is complete. We will handle the returned or exchanged products
within 7 days (excluding public holidays).

3. The motors in all products sold by our company enjoy a five-year warranty. It is necessary to ensure that the motor is complete and has not been tampered with.

4.The company provides corresponding after-sales technical support services for the products sold, and guarantees customer service
response within 24 hours. (except holidays)

5. Within one week after the customer receives the product, due to the special packaging size of the product, it is recommended to save the
carton in order to solve the packaging problem of return and replacement.

6.It should be noted that the product damage caused by the following factors not caused by the company, the damage caused by other
human factors and natural disasters are not included in the warranty scope of the company:

The product is damaged due to incorrect installation of the product;

(1) Product voltage mismatch;
(2) The user does not operate according to the product manual, resulting in improper use and product damage;
(3) Repair or modify the product without authorization of the company;
(4) Failure to provide proper working environment;
(5) Product damage caused by user’s secondary transportation;
(6) This product is damaged in natural disasters and accidents. Natural disasters and accidents include flood, fire and human factors. The
above guarantee has the same legal effect for each user. Due to the change of country or region, other rights may only apply to specific

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